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For almost 33 years now, Paul Meijering has been active with the paint brushes. As a 17- year old inspired youngster he joined the Academy of Arts in Enschede (Holland) in order to receive a native training in drawing- and painting technique.

At that time (1980) the tendency of the abstract was running riot, and to his dismay and disappointment Paul found that the trade of the ancient masters was merely 'old hat', the realistic art being disregarded and looked down upon. After two years of useless botchery, there was only one conclusion to draw: "get autodidact, be a self-taught person!" Paul then left the academy to work for a living, but at the back of his mind there always loomed the passion of his life: to paint. At his spare time he painted and his efforts are characteristic as far as man plays an important role are concerned, or to put it in his own words: 'Each human being tinkers at his own existence, it is the source of inspiration to explain the non-verbal by way of painting'.

The paintings attracted attention at various exhibitions and he was frequently approached by trades-people, hotel-keepers, merchants. These customers were for the most part interested in large wall-paintings and decorations. In the year 2000 the painter develops a speciality that's quite unique: he applies himself to paint football pictures. After a year he gets the chance to realize an open exhibition for an indefinite time as well with the Dutch Football Union 'KNVB' in Zeist as in the stadium of AFC Ajax 'the Amsterdam ArenA'; at both places as many as 15 of his pieces are being shown. To promote his reputation, Paul travels Europe to visit impressive clubs like Juventus, AS Roma, Inter Milan in Italy, Real Madrid in Spain, Manchester United and Arsenal in England and Bayern M￿ in Germany. At each of these places he is met with favourable reception and on every occasion he's in the fortunate position to meet and talk to many famous football-players, such as: Totti, Batistuta, Vieri, Del Pierro, Thuram, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Figo and many others. To boost and set his public image, the rural press like De Volkskrant, Algemeen Dagblad and Panorama- magazine take interest in his work and publish about him and his ambition. He's also asked to appear on television in programmes like 'Ontbijt tv', 'Man bijt hond', 'Netwerk' and 'Kopspijkers'. The meeting he had with Roberto Carlos in Madrid has been shown on the channel of Eurosport.

...In August 2003 Paul is instructed by the Dutch Football Union 'KNVB' to make a painting of the best national coach of the century Rinus Michels. In November of the same year, he meets Ruud van Nistelrooy in Manchester. April 2004, Meijering departs with his screaming green van straight up to Barcelona, where mr. Henk ten Cate, assistant coach of the FC Barcelona, gives him by a lucky chance a visit on a northern hill. A few days later another little miracle happens: a meeting with mr. Footbal, Johan Cruijff..
In front of his house, in the middle of nowhere, Meijering could have a conversation with his hero for 15 minutes. On the fourth of February 2005 is the release of a cooperative venture between the football club FC Emmen and the ClinicClowns (an organisation that is engaged in advancing the welfare of sick children in hospitals) Two paintings were sold by auction.

Since three years his collection of works has been greatly enlarged with all kinds of sports, like motorcycle racing, golf, different combat sports, formula 1, cycling etc. To mention three most recent feats of arms: the Dutch painter has met the king of all races Valentino Rossi in Assen (Holland). On the 22th of May 2005 FC Barcelona ￿ the quite fresh champion of Spain - receive a present of the Dutch Fan Club: Meijering's painting of the star player Ronaldinho. Joan Laporta gives it a destination: the museum of the club. In springtime of 2006 the long-expected Pantani-museum will be thrown open in Cesen￿co (Italy) and one of his 'Magico Marco'-paintings will be shown there... In the year 2005 Paul starts a new project of his own preference: he perpetuates artists of the pop music on canvas. Two years later he began to paint moviestars...


Nick Johnston painting by Paul Meijering


Adele Painting 3 by Paul Meijering


Angela Bassett as Queen Ramonda Painting by Paul Meijering


Freddie Mercury Painting 5 by Paul Meijering


Clint Eastwood Painting 2 by Paul Meijering


Carlos Santana Painting by Paul Meijering


Keith Richards 3 by Paul Meijering


Six Feet Under Painting by Paul Meijering


HalleBerry as Catwoman Painting by Paul Meijering


Willem van Hanegem Painting by Paul Meijering


Andrea Dovisiozo Painting by Paul Meijering


Chris Cornell Painting by Paul Meijering


Pennywise Painting 2 by Paul Meijering


Jeff Beck Painting by Paul Meijering


Judi Dench Painting by Paul Meijering


Motorhead Painting by Paul Meijering


Wonder Woman Painting by Paul Meijering


Lewis Hamilton Painting by Paul Meijering


ABBA Painting by Paul Meijering


Prince 2 Gold by Paul Meijering


Black Panther Painting by Paul Meijering


Tom Dumoulin Painting by Paul Meijering


Absolutely Fabulous Painting by Paul Meijering


Otis Redding Painting 2 by Paul Meijering


Cadillac V16 Custom Imperial 1937 Painting by Paul Meijering


Lamborghini Reventon 2007 Painting by Paul Meijering


Mazda RX Vision 2015 Painting by Paul Meijering


David Bowie Aladdin Sane Mixed Media by Paul Meijering


Gianluigi Buffon Painting by Paul Meijering


Billie Holiday by Paul Meijering


Marc Marquez by Paul Meijering


Pennywise by Paul Meijering


Barbra Streisand 2 by Paul Meijering


Diego Maradona by Paul Meijering


The Beatles Abbey Road by Paul Meijering


Prince 2 by Paul Meijering


BMW 328 Roadster 1936 Painting by Paul Meijering


Toyota 2000GT 1967 Painting by Paul Meijering


Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1971 Painting by Paul Meijering


Alfa Romeo 8C 2900A Botticella Spider 1936 Painting by Paul Meijering


Joe Perry Of Aerosmith Painting by Paul Meijering


Mads Mikkelsen Painting by Paul Meijering


Mariah Carey Painting by Paul Meijering


AC Milan Painting by Paul Meijering


Nina Simone Painting 2 by Paul Meijering


John Lennon Imagine by Paul Meijering


David Bowie Four Ever by Paul Meijering


George Michael Painting by Paul Meijering